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Americans Love Cell Phones

By looking at the chart below you can see that 41% of Americans check their cell phones at least a few times per hour with many of them checking every few minutes.  This study and more like confirm that the mobile trend is happening very fast and is essentially unstoppable. This makes it very important […]

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The Popularity of Ad-Blocking Software

For years now businesses have used the web find new customers through advertising.  However, as ads have grown more prevalent, users have looked for ways to block them.   This poses a big risk to businesses who depend heavily on web based ads to drive new customers to their business. The trend of blocking ads […]

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Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, and Mobile Enabled Web Sites

Mobile apps have far surpassed the mobile web in consumer usage but there is still significant  confusion in the business world over what the differences are and what the proper strategy should be for each of them. The first order of business is to clear up what each of the terms means.  The mobile web […]

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