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Mobile Changes the Game for Newspapers

Reverse the steady decline in advertising revenue by embracing mobile
Mobile Use Is Growing
Consumers now spend almost 3 hours per day on mobile devices.
Print Advertising Declining
According to a Wall Street Journal article print advertising has declined for more than tem years and will continue to decline.http://www.wsj.com/articles/plummeting-newspaper-ad-revenue-sparks-new-wave-of-changes-1476955801
Web Advertising is slowing
More and more consumers are using mobile, causing we advertising to decline.

Newspaper Benefits

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    New Revenue Source

    The mobile app platform is sold on a monthly subscription basis so the agency is paid for every month that its customer uses the app.

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    Competitive Advantage

    There is an ever-increasing number of competitors in the digital marketing space.  Your own mobile app platform will set you apart and help you grow faster.

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    White Label Ready

    The app platform can be branded for your agency, so your customers will think that it is your platform.  This will enhance the agency’s image and help make them more relevant.

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    Instant Mobile

    The app platform supports the instant availability of a mobile app for your customers, making it much easier to start getting results for them, and revenue for you.

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    Increased Resource Utilization

    Your people will be able to manage the mobile platform with almost no extra effort.  Your revenue per employee will skyrocket when you add mobile.

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